Series gearboxes

We manufacture a small range of compact, single-stage helical gearboxes with high efficiency in robust design as part of series production.

You can benefit from the high quality of our development work, but at the low costs of series production. When it comes to high torques, you are ideally equipped with our helical gearboxes of the series – “HighPower”. Our “HighSpeed” series is especially suitable for applications involving high speeds in conjunction with high powers, as can typically be the case in pumps and compressors.

The helical gearboxes are currently available in three sizes with centre distances from 160 to 250 mm and ratios from i=1 to i=5. Adaptations bespoke to the customer are part and parcel of our service.

Series gearboxes

Often the work of our engineers starts with a LEGO model.

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