Customer-specific drive technology

We supply the complete drive train for a vehicle or machine as a complete solution, tailored to your requirements. We assume extensive responsibility when doing so, thereby making things easier for your organisation.

We can find the ideal drive concept for you. Besides electrical drives, we also supply hydraulic or pneumatic motors for instance; on request also the required control unit.

Our options are as diverse as your requirements: All components such as drive motors, gearboxes, bearings, shafts, couplings as well as diverse machine components are supplied from a single source and, on request, also the necessary connecting elements in assembly-compatible reusable packaging as a “Plug&Play” solution directly to your production.

We use a coordinated modern sensor system for monitoring the speed, temperature and position etc. of a drive. That puts us well on the way towards Industry 4.0.

Customer-specific drive technology

Often the work of our engineers starts with a LEGO model.

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