Heat exchangers
Heat exchangers
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Heat exchangers

We develop and manufacture heat exchangers for use in gearboxes, crank-driven gearboxes, hydraulic units and similar applications.

Customer-oriented problem solutions are the focus of our work. We supply heat exchangers in special designs, tailored to your application. Manufacturing is also possible in low-volume series or even as an individual part.

We can also supply you with standardised heat exchangers from our current production – cost effectively and with short delivery times.
The crucial factor when designing heat exchangers is the size and layout of the areas transferring the heat. To attain optimal output with minimised installation space, we use seamless finned tubes made from copper alloys with very good thermal properties.


Technical data

  • Geometry according to customer requirements
  • High cooling capacity due to copper finned tube
  • Small lot sizes

Brochure Heat exchanger

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