3-gear manual gearboxes

High power density in the smallest space – this need not be a contradiction. Our robust 3-gear manual gearbox fits perfectly in your machine – leaving more space for other components. The extremely compact dimensions and low weight are above all advantageous in mobile work machinery. This special gearbox has also proven it merit in numerous applications involving maximum-pressure piston pumps.

You can choose between a manual or electric gear, the special gearbox also enabling shifting when stationary. In this case, the drive is realised via a 500-kW diesel engine with ratios of i= 1-2-6. There is no need for a circulation lubrication thanks to water cooling. Our 3-gear manual gearbox is just as easy to install as a standard gearbox and almost as cheap to buy.

Technical Data

  • Shifting also when stationary
  • Manual shift
  • Electrical shift
  • Drive 500-kW diesel engine
  • Ratios: 1-2-6
  • Small space requirement
  • High power density
  • Stable design
  • Splash lubrication
  • Water cooling

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