Our mission statement

Our staff members are highly driven, but not just when it’s about the development of drive technology; they care just as much about making sure the company doesn’t lose its drive.

For this reason, our staff members have developed a mission statement that puts our corporate identity and our fundamental principles into words. It helps us to not lose sight of our values and to stick to our vision. Maybe it will help you to complete your overall image of us and our work?


We develop and manufacture innovative and high-quality drive technology to fulfil our customers’ requirements as best as we possibly can.


We want to market our vision of “WISH. IDEA. DRIVE.” in other sectors so that we can become system providers and suppliers for them too.


  • We are reliable and predictable.
  • We value the integrity and inviolability of other people.
  • We are aware of our social and societal responsibilities, we trust in our own strengths, and don’t wait on the shortcomings of others.
  • We make our own decisions and “won’t be ruled”!
  • We give our employees with the decision-making authority necessary for them to take independent actions.
  • We’re creating a climate in which constant improvement is a matter of course thanks to the processes of learning and change.
  • We encourage the curiosity and creativity of our staff members, and act on the basis of our motto: “we’ll get the rhino over the chasm”.